Looks like you have stumbled upon my portfolio, welcome! My name is John Akerman BSc and I am a Front End Developer based in Dorset, England. On this website you will find a selection of web development, along with information on other skills I have in the computing industry.

If you require more information please don't hesitate to contact me by using the contact form.

Personal Statement

I am a friendly, enthusiastic and open minded person with good communication, learning and interpersonal skills.

I am a keen photographer and like the creativity of composing and capturing a moment of time that will last forever. I also like to design and create prototype computer games using a number of programming languages.

Days Out With Kids Screenshot Days Out With Kids

I worked alongside a backend developer to create Days Out With Kids for the development company I worked at. The website allows users to access a...

iGroup Screenshot iGroup

I was part of the core team that maintained the iGroup websites, a business listing directory website which totalled 50 individual websites run on the...

Skycab Screenshot Skycab

Whilst working at IMMAT Ltd I was tasked to produce a website for Skycab. I was given a finalized one page design and I asked to create the HTML and...

iGroup Mock Up Screenshot iGroup Mock Up

I was involved in a prototyping project that took PSD designs into a working mockup of several pages from the iGroup project. The purpose of this...

Weymouth College Screenshot Weymouth College

I was hired by Weymouth College on a 12 month contract to develop a new website using a previously created design that I would later further expand to...

Baggator Screenshot Baggator

The Baggator site was developed to allow members of a disbanded group to be able to consolidate all the information about the group into one place and...

Moodle Weymouth College Screenshot Moodle Weymouth College

After my year's contracted work at Weymouth College, I was approached to complete a project for them to implement a new design into a theme for their...

Paul Dalessi Portfolio Screenshot Paul Dalessi Portfolio

I was given a brief to create a portfolio website to house his 3d modelling work. He wanted the site to be aimed towards widescreen users and the main...

  • HTML / CSS
  • SQL
  • Photoshop
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • C++
  • JavaScript
  • Git Version Control
  • C#
  • Adaptive Web Design
  • HTML Email
  • Responsive Web Design
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